Sprocket Clock: Your 80s Bedroom Just Found Its Timepiece

You need a wall clock in your room.  Problem is, you can’t find the right one to match your pop-art wallpaper patterns and bright 80s-era color scheme.  Yeah, that’s how you roll and we don’t have any beef with that.   You’ll probably be glad to find out we found the perfect clock for you with this Sprocket Clock from the MOMA Store.

Made by Kikkerland, the clock is designed by celebrated graphic designer Milton Glaser, the same dude behind classic artwork like DC Comics’ bullet logo, the I <3 NY logo and a host of other iconic images.  It’s colorful, whimsical and comes with lots of circles.  Everybody loves circles.

The Sprocket Clock shows time in a way that’s a bit unconventional.  Instead of two hands, it’s got just a single one telling the minutes.  The hour is told by a rotating disk with a hole sliding over the numbers.  Sporting an all-plastic construction, it measures 10 inches in diameter and half an inch thin.  It runs on one button cell battery.

Granted, the Sprocket Clock isn’t likely to go well with more sophisticated home décors.  If you’re into wall clocks with a face that looks like it came from a wristwatch released in the 80s, though, we can’t imagine a lot that can do this better.

You can get the Sprocket Clock from the MOMA Store, priced at $80.

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