StatGear BitzBlade 2.0 Combines 26 Functions In One Pen-Shaped Multi-Tool


StatGear’s original version of their pen-sized multi-tool has been well-received in the EDC community, with people finding its versatile function set a truly useful thing. How do you improve on something like that? For the StatGear BitzBlade 2.0, the outfit went with expanding its capabilities even further.

Like its predecessor, the multi-tool combines a window breaker, interchangeable driver bits, and a utility blade. Except now, they also throw in a LED light, a scraper, a pry bar, a hex wrench, and a bottle opener to really beef up its roster of functions.


The StatGear BitzBlade 2.0 ditches the eyehole from the original, since, let’s be honest, this thing is too big to add to your key fob like traditional keychain tools. Instead, it now comes with a heavy-duty nylon pouch, where you can carry the main tool, along with all the swappable bits and attachments. And, yes, you’re going to need that pouch with nine individual double-sided bits and three swappable blades included with the set.

It retains the same general design as its predecessor, using a cylindrical body that can split into two parts, so you can use the second half to cover up the blade when putting the tool away. With the two halves screwed on together, you get access to the window breaker on one end and the magnetic bit holder on the other, with the cap that covers the bit holder containing the twist-to-activate LED light, which is powered by a pair of coin batteries. The window breaker, by the way, uses a tungsten carbide tip to ensure it can easily shatter glass windows any time the need for it comes up.


Like we said earlier, the StatGear BitzBlade 2.0 comes with three interchangeable blades, namely a knife, a scraper, and a three-in-one unit. The knife is around 40 percent shorter than its predecessor (we guess customers wanted a shorter blade?), with a drop point shape and thumb jimping on the spine for better handling. It’s made from 440c stainless steel.

The scraper, on the other hand, is made from the same 440c stainless steel material, with a chisel-like shape that should make it useful for scraping duties, along with opening packages and prying off stuff. The last blade is three-in-one that combines a beveled pry bar at the tip, a bottle opener at the hilt, and an M3 Hex wrench in the middle of the body, with the same sturdy construction as its other blade companions.


The included bits, by the way, are all double-sided and made from S2 steel, allowing you to enjoy 18 different driving tips while having to carry just nine separate items. An eight-slot bit holder and a small bit pouch is included in the set, so you can keep the most frequently-used bit in the tool while housing the remaining eight all in the same place. They also offer an optional Kydex sheath that you can clip to your belt, if you prefer having your multi-tool within easy reach at all times.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the StatGear BitzBlade 2.0. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $59.

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