Tentsile Connect Tree Tent Links Up With Other Suspended Tents To Build Floating Super Camps

Tentsile’s original¬†Stingray¬†tent gave campers an entirely different way to enjoy their outdoor stay, allowing them to set up a temporary shelter away from the cold, muddy ground and all the little bugs that inhabit it. The new Tentsile Connect gives campers the same portable treehouse, but adds a modular component that lets you cluster multiple tents together into your very own super camp.

No more finding individual spots to set up multiple suspended tents. Instead, the entire group can set up each of their separate tents all in one place, making it easier to chat, borrow supplies, and huddle together to fight as a group when Predators make their way to your site.

Each Tentsile Connect measures 10 x 13 x 13 feet, with 50 square feet of floor space designed to sleep up to two people. Like the original Stingray, it can be suspended by tying onto a trio of trees, although it can also be tied to other tents to create an interlinked community of three or more arboreal dwelling places. During travel, the entire tent can packed down and crammed into a sack measuring 20 x 8 x 8 inches.

It features a removable waterproof flysheet, tear-resistant insect mesh roof, 9m anodized aluminum alloy poles, 240D Inclined joint nylon-polyester composite flooring, and straps with a breaking strength of 2.5 tons. Maximum recommended weight inside the tent is 880 pounds (sorry, that means you probably can’t bring a bear inside). In case you end up in a patch of land with no trees in sight, the tent can also be perched on the ground, although it needs to be dry (flooring is not waterproof).

Available now, the Tentsile Connect retails for $599.

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