Teva High Heel Sandals: Because Mountain Women Can Glam It Up Too

Just when you thought nobody who bathed daily wore velcro-strapped sandals anymore, Teva comes right out of whatever critter-infested cave they’ve been hiding in and reminds you that people still do wear ugly shoes.  Presenting…the Teva High Heel Sandals.

Created in tandem with NY-based clothing company Grey Ant, the ungodly footwear literally takes a regular Teva sandal, molds it into a less-comfortable shape and tacks on a stilleto for good measure.  We’re not sure why, but maybe they discovered a niche of women who hold formal events in the middle of the jungle, halfway up the top of mountains.  I mean, that would just make perfect sense, wouldn’t it?

The Teva High Heeled Sandals come in two models: “Worlds Unite” (black with white stitched patterns) and “Natural” (tan with cutout patterns).  Both feature that same rugged sole that makes Teva sandals so comfy to run around among mud and rocks with, along with that convenient velcro strap closure that makes putting on and taking off a breeze.

A quick glance at the product site shows multiple action shots of the footwear, worn during heavy yard work and outdoor tomfoolery.  From the looks of it, the sandals are meant to be worn with socks (we’re not exactly sure why), an idea so repulsive they fit these unconventional strapped soles perfectly.

For what it’s worth, the product shots do make the Teva High Heel Sandals look good, especially the tan model.  They’re available now for $330.

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