The Best Inflatable SUPs for Summer Water Fun

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, with more and more people getting into the sport than ever before. This is no surprise, considering all the things going in its favor. For one, it’s very approachable, being a largely relaxed activity both young and old can partake in. It’s relatively simple, too, since you simply get on the board and paddle, giving you the option to stand, kneel, sit, or move however you like with no restrictions.

Inflatable SUPs make this excellent activity even better. Because of their small collapsed size and lighter weight, you can easily hike with your SUP to more remote locations that are otherwise inaccessible while hauling other gear, not to mention how much more convenient they are to store, whether in your vehicle or somewhere in your home.

The best inflatable SUP for each individual will vary on what you want to do. Some are designed to ride over the water, offering great maneuverability, which makes them ideal for leisure paddling and general water exploration. Others are built to slice through water for a faster, smoother ride, making them the more popular choice for racing, touring, and fitness activities. There are also all-rounders, which mixes characteristics from both for more versatile performance, as well as SUPs for specific pursuits like whitewater paddling, fishing, and tandem paddling.

These are the best inflatable SUPs to help you enjoy the water this summer.

Retrospec Weekender


  • Affordable entry-level inflatable SUP
  • Handles speed well
  • Everything you need included, with some nice extras, too


  • Harder to balance compared to other SUPs

Length: 10 feet
Width: 30 inches
Weight: 17 pounds
Capacity: 275 pounds

Those new to stand-up paddleboarding will probably want to keep costs down when first getting into the hobby. That’s when an entry-level inflatable SUP like this one can be the most attractive. For one, it’s very affordable, making it a relatively purchase for anyone looking to get their first inflatable SUP. More importantly, it feels like a really good paddleboard for the price, gliding across the water with ease and handling speed really well. It’s not stable as other boards in the list, though, requiring you to really get a good feel to find proper footing. We love all the little details they threw in, from the textured EVA deck pad and the six-point bungee tie-down for storage to the dual-action pump that can inflate your SUP in around five minutes (yes, that feels like an eternity of manual pumping). They even threw in a handy waterproof case for your smartphone, making this a really beginner-friendly option.

Retrospec Weekender Inflatable Stand Up Paddle...
  • Designed for every excursion. 10' x 30" x 6" and can hold up to 275 lbs. Weighs an ultralight 17 lbs...

Boardworks Shubu Solr SUP


  • Large, high-grip deck pad
  • Good stability and tracking
  • Solidly built for the price


  • Minimal storage options
  • Only single fin included

Length: 10.5 feet
Width: 32 inches
Weight: 21 pounds
Capacity: 260 pounds

What immediately sets this inflatable SUP apart is the deck pad, which comes covered in a water-shedding honeycomb-embossed texture that feels thicker and grippier than your usual deck layer. This allows for incredibly stable footing, making it great for those who like to paddle without any shoes on. It just feels great, so much so that we’ve seen plenty of people recommend this for those who like doing yoga poses on SUPs. On the water, it’s very easy to balance and tracks incredibly well, even handling choppy water very capably. Boardworks calls it “a true all-water SUP” that can handle ocean conditions and it is quite the versatile performer. For open water, though, we found it best to paddle shorter distances around beaches and docks, as it’s not really fit to handle the kind of rougher water you’re bound to encounter as you go much further, unless you’re a more advanced paddler. We do find the storage options a bit limited (only a four-point bungee tie-down) and nothing else, which is probably its biggest downside.

Boardworks SHUBU Sōlr Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle...
  • An inflatable recreational SUP that is perfect for cruising, yoga or even fishing on calmer waters...

BOTE Breeze Aero Classic


  • Very sturdy build
  • Excellent stability
  • Feels very good at cruising pace
  • Compatible with wide range of BOTE accessories


  • Takes too long to inflate with included pump
  • Side fins not removable

Length: 10.7 feet
Width: 33 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
Capacity: 250 pounds

BOTE has an interesting lineup of recreational inflatables, from SUPs and kayaks to floats and all sorts of accessories. The Breeze Aero inflatable SUP is, arguably, one of their most popular products due to its excellent combination of good looks, versatile performance, and reasonable pricing. It’s also compatible with a wide range of the outfit’s accessories, so you can throw in all sorts of add-ons to customize your board down the line.

On the water, it’s exceptionally stable, moving through choppier water with relative ease. It also feels best when moving at a cruising pace, really encouraging you to speed it up just a little bit. We also appreciate the fixed flexi fins on the sides that allow it to track well when you need to remove the 10-inch center fin, such as those times you’re paddling in shallower waters. As with their other SUPs, the details are standout on this model, from the multiple carry handles and the six-point bungee tie-down to the multiple D-rings on the sides and rear. It also gets the outfit’s MAGNEPod base, although you’ll have to buy all the other accessories that you can use with it.

BOTE 10' FT 8" Breeze Aero Inflatable Stand Up...
  • Now With MAGNEPod! The MAGNEPod magnetic base is a revolutionary, tool-less drink retention system...

iRocker Blackfin Model V


  • 485-pound capacity
  • Plenty of cargo storage options
  • Very efficient for all-day touring


  • Can get challenging to maneuver with heavy loads

Length: 12.5 feet
Width: 32 inches
Weight: 29 pounds
Capacity: 485 pounds

An all-around touring board, this inflatable SUP is the largest in the list, measuring 12.5 feet long. What makes it special, though, is its 485-pound weight capacity that allows it to support a whole lot of cargo. Heck, you can probably use it as a tandem board if you want to, since it also has plenty of room on the deck. On the water, it tracks incredibly well, while really excelling at higher speeds, making it quite the efficient performer for all-day touring. It breezes through choppy water even on windier days, with excellent stability, although the size makes us feel it’s best handled by intermediate to advanced paddlers who will have had a bit of experience maneuvering around the water.

The inflatable SUP only comes with the board, the fins, and the repair kit, so you’ll have to supply everything else, which makes sense, since this isn’t aimed at beginners. It’s got two sets of bungee tie-downs, along with 20 D-rings, allowing you to load it with all sorts of cargo and accessories to put that weight capacity to good use, while also being compatible with the outfit’s fishing rack and sand spear attachment.

iROCKER Blackfin Model V Inflatable Stand Up...
  • BASIC PACKAGE: Only includes your board, fins, and repair kit. Add on accessories from the iROCKER...

Isle Pioneer Pro


  • Rigid hard board feel
  • Superior stability and glide
  • Full deck pad


  • On the pricier end

Length: 10.5 feet
Width: 34 inches
Weight: 23 pounds
Capacity: 300 pounds

This inflatable SUP is available in three sizes, but we’re going with the mid-size version here. Off the bat, the most noticeable thing on this SUP is the rigidity, which comes courtesy of the carbon fiber added to the construction, giving it a hard board feel that allows for excellent stability and glide while still being as light and convenient as any inflatable. Seriously, you can jump on it without feeling much of a wobble. It handles not just choppy water but even big wakes really well, making for a truly impressive SUP.

Because of these qualities, along with the generous tie-downs, the SUP makes for an excellent base for attaching numerous accessories, such as seats and footrests, allowing you to turn it into a kayak hybrid that’s really great to use as a fishing SUP. It’s got a full deck pad, too, so you get great traction anywhere on the board. Granted, the pressure-fit fin attachment system requires a little learning, but everything else is pretty smooth after that.

Buy Now – $995

Kokopelli Chasm-Lite Inflatable SUP


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very portable
  • Tracks and maneuvers well


  • Harder to balance
  • Tail section has no deck pad

Length: 10 feet
Width: 30 inches
Weight: 12.9 pounds
Capacity: 250 pounds

The lightest inflatable SUP in our list, this one weighs just a hair under 13 pounds while being collapsing into an 18-inch roll, making it extremely convenient to carry when hiking to more remote bodies of water. While the size and weight are definitely impressive, that comes with some sacrifices. This is most notable as far as stability is concerned, as it can get pretty challenging once you hit the water during windier days, so this is definitely not a board for beginners. It responds well, though, with excellent tracking and glide, provided you know what you’re doing. With its unique size and weight, this board is really ideal for experienced paddlers who need a lightweight and minimalist board that allows for extreme portability. Seriously, you can throw this in your luggage without taking up that much space, which is nuts for a SUP. It also comes with a high-quality paddle, as well as very compact pump that’s also perfect for travel.

Buy Now – $999