Ti2 Sentinel Is A Portable Storage System For Tiny Valuables

Got something small and valuable that you want to keep protected for posterity?  Put it in a bank vault.  If you can’t afford the monthly expense from that, maybe get a Ti2 Sentinel instead.

A portable storage system, it actually looks like a closed-up pen clad in a full metal armor case.   Like a pen, you can keep it in a shirt pocket, put it in a spare pouch in your bag or hang it from a lanyard around your neck.

Billed as a “titanium cache system” for secure storage of emergency supplies or valuables, the Ti2 Sentinel is constructed with grade 2 titanium, making it strong as steel and corrosion-resistant at only half the weight.  It features a water-tight o-ring seal (so your stash never gets wet), built-in fluted areas for a more ergonomic grip (so you don’t drop it while running away from bandits in post-apocalypse America), and a large ring slot (compatible with most any clips, hooks, carabiners or lanyards).  It uses a three-piece design that lets you open the unit from both ends so it’s easier to remove whatever you have stored inside.

It comes in eight different models, each with different lengths and diameters, so you can get exactly what you need.  What can you store in it?  Anything small and valuable, from jewelry to survival supplies to hangover candies to gold nuggets to cash.  The biggest one can accommodate 40 rolled $100 dollar bills, so you can totally carry a bunch for transporting large sums of money, if necessary.

The Ti2 Sentinel currently has a fully-funded project on Kickstarter, so it will likely start production very soon.  The cheapest open pledge is for $30 to reserve yourself one of the smaller units.

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