Candy For Your Hangover: The Snap Infusion

You know how they make kids’ vitamins taste like candy so little ones will actually eat them?  Well, that goes for old people like you who don’t take their vitamins, too.  And the solution is called the Snap Infusion.

Billed as a “naturally-designed supercandy,” this sugar-coated treat actually packs a mean load of multivitamins and minerals.  It’s so powerful, in fact, that all the hip party kids have been using it to ward off hangovers after waking up from a serious bender.  Well, all the hip party kids except you.  And they say it works better than the Ed Hardy Coffee Candies I’ve been using to stave off hangovers all these years, too.

The Snap Infusion comes in  five candy types: caramel, gum, tart, beans and gummies, so there’s something for you, regardless of your sugary poison of choice.   Aside from natural candy ingredients (like tapioca syrup, evaporated cane juice and palm kernel oil), each bit packs a healthy load of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12), antioxidants (vitamins C and E) and electrolytes (potassium, calcium and phosphorus).   To stave off weight gain, it holds back on the calories, too, packing around half of what you’ll normally get from a similarly-sized junk treat.

If you’re going to mess up your diet and eat sweers, it might as well be with candy that’s actually good for you.  Prices for the Snap Infusion varies depending on the candy flavor, but it sits between $23.88 and $28.88 for a 12-pack.