Tom Bihn Travel Tray Can Save You Precious Minutes At The Airport

When it comes to getting in and out of airports fast, nothing beats preparation.  And if you want to get off that TSA line quick, the Tom Bihn Travel Tray will definitely prove a priceless accessory.

Designed for frequent travelers, it’s a canvas tray that can turn into a pouch with a quick cinch of the drawstring and vice versa.  That way, you can put all your crap that would otherwise go in your pockets in it well before you hit the airport line, carrying it like an ordinary pouch.  Once you’re in front, simply put it into tray mode, have it go through the conveyor belt and pass through.  After you’re cleared, simply pick up the tray, close it up and be on your way.  Simple.

The Travel Tray is made from ripstop nylon/Dyneema and measures 4.5 x 8 inches (height x diameter).  While designed to make life easier at airports, it should be plenty useful as an instant bowl to hold your small items while at the hotel, too.  After all, having a single place to drop your unifold wallet, keys, phone, tickets and such while you take an overdue nap should help avoid frantic searching later when you can’t remember exactly where you put each of them.

While it can shift between tray and pouch modes when filled up, there’s a third configuration.  When empty, the whole thing can pack flat, so it doesn’t have to take any extra space in your carry-on bag until you need  it.

You can get the Tom Bihn Travel Tray now in any of four colors (all have the same line designs), priced at $22.

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