Toto Grilloven Combines Oven, Grill, And Stovetop In One Outdoor Cooker


Can’t decide whether your backyard needs a grill or an oven? If you enjoy cooking under the clouds, chances are, you’ll eventually find the need for both at some point down the line and that’s exactly why the Toto Grilloven was made.

Built by Italian outfit Alfa 1977, the outdoor kitchen combines a charcoal grill with a brick oven in a single rig, giving you a one-stop shop for outdoor cooking right in the backyard. Combining the two should help optimize the use of space, all while ensuring you have exactly what you need, whether you get the hankering to enjoy steaks, burgers, or a crispy slice of pizza.


The Toto Grilloven is built along a table form factor that looks like it could make for a functional outdoor sink and worktop if you take out the cooking rigs and install some plumbing equipment instead. The oven sits along the left hand side while the grill sits along the right, so you can actually bake a pizza and keep an eye on it, while grilling up some ribs and burgers just a step or two away for quite the convenient setup.

The traditional-style brick oven has a cooking area that measures 23.6 x 19.7 inches (width x depth), so you can use it to bake fairly large pizzas and large loaves of bread, instead of being confined to 12-inchers like many modern designs. It has integrated thermometer, so you can see the exact heat levels while you’re preheating the oven, so you can know immediately when it’s ready to start cooking and when you might need to add a little more wood.  An integrated duct releases all smoke from the oven overhead, so the backyard need not be covered in fumes the entire time you’re cooking.


For the grill, the Toto Grilloven can accommodate both charcoal and wood for fuel, with a cooking surface that measures 23.6 x 23.6 inches ensuring you can cook a lot of food in one go. Do note, only half of that surface is actually covered with a cooking grid, although at 278 square inches, it can accommodate a good load of food. The other half is covered with a cook deck top that lets you use the grill as a functional stove top, so you can cook those stir-fry vegetables for lunch outdoors, too, if you want to do all your cooking outside the house.


All the basic accessories you’ll need are in tow, including a fuel rack for the oven, another one for the grill, and a grid lifter in case you want the grill a little higher than the default height (hey, it sucks being tall sometimes, too). Aside from the grill and the oven, the setup includes a pair of generously-sized storage drawers underneath the oven, so you can keep all your cookware and accessories within easy reach (just make sure to clean them up first, lest attract unwanted pests in the backyard).

Available now, the Toto Grilloven is priced at £4,195.

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