Transfer Cutting Board Makes Your Kitchen Chopping And Dropping Duties Faster


Some kitchen innovations really do wonders, turning erstwhile difficult chores into simple tasks.  Others like the Transfer Cutting Board may sound lazy but hey, if you’d like to save a couple extra seconds after chopping piles of garlic and onion for the duck  stew, I’m sure it will help.

Laziness is underrated.  If the masses weren’t so lazy, no one would bother to innovate for them. That’s why I herald the minuscule yet efficient gains this little modification to the traditional cutting board brings to kitchen critters.

The Transfer works much like any chopping board, letting you slice and dice everything you need to prepare tonight’s dinner.   It’s made from solid beech wood (oiled with biological linseed oil) and sports normal-looking dimensions too.  What it does differently is add a slot for a plate (9.1 inches diameter, 1.1 inch height) right under a cut-out area of the board.  That way, you can immediately whisk everything you chop onto it, without needing to pick up the board and slide everything carefully.

Yes, that’s all it does.  Nothing more and nothing less.  How much time will this save you?  It won’t be as fantastic as those things you see on shopping TV, but if you prepare a lot of food day after day, the mileage could add up.

Best guess is the Transfer Cutting Board will remain a design prototype not destined to see the light of day in anyone’s kitchen (well, except for those who made it).  Looks awesome, though.  In fact, I’d probably hack our own chopping board into something similar (yes, I’m the kitchen slave of the abode – now, shut up).

[Chris & Ruby via Craziest Gadgets]