USB Comb Saves Your Data, Fixes Your Pompadour


Your hair is constantly a mess, requiring periodic grooming.  You need a comb.  However, with a cell phone, wallet, iPod, flash drive and other small things in your pockets, there’s really no room for anything else.  Here’s an idea: trade in the flash storage for this USB Comb and never look disheveled again.

Sporting both a full-sized comb and a USB flash drive (right on the handle), it’s a clever compromise for anyone who likes to keep their hair neat and tidy.  Clad like a plastic barber’s comb with that awesome-looking handle sticking out of your backpocket (think Grease or one of those 1950s-settings teen movies), the IMM Barber drive should take care of putting all your hair strands in place.

Need to save some files?  Just pull out the cap from the end of that handle and stick it into any available USB port.  Some square brushed up against your head, ruining your pompadour?  Not a problem – just pull the USB Comb out of your jeans’ pocket (or USB slot) and tame that hair back into shape.

Just because you work with computers (or at home or at the North Pole) doesn’t mean you have to leave  your hair looking like a tangled mess.  Just pick up the USB Comb (official name appears to be IMM Barber USB 2GB Flash Drive) and always have a grooming apparatus easily within your reach.  Price is $35.99, though, which sounds a bit much for a 2GB drive – even if it does let you tidy up your crown.