Vadolibero Bike Shelf Turns Your Two-Wheeler Into An Illuminated Home Display


It’s not the first time we’ve seen a bike rack integrated into a standing shelf. Instead of simply outfitting a standard shelf with an extra bike rack like many designs, though, the Vadolibero Bike Shelf serves as a one-stop storage solution for all your cycling equipment and gear, making it a genuinely useful addition to any serious cyclist’s home setup.

Designed to display the bike and its accompanying accessories, the shelf dedicates the largest storage compartment to your two-wheel steed (a wheel clamp on one end is designed to hold the bike in place), with an accompanying handlebar-shaped beam at the top for easily hanging any of your gear. That beam, by the way, also doubles as a touch-activated LED lamp that you can switch on to serve as display lighting for the bike.


The basic Vadolibero Bike Shelf configuration consists of the bike compartment, with three storage units underneath (your choice of either drawers or shelves) and hooks on the sides for mounting various gear, including helmets, backpacks, and jackets. From there, you can add a side unit with up to five levels of cabinets or shelves, allowing you to use it to house even more of your cycling stash. Construction is solid oak for the poles, birch blockboard for the walls, stainless steel for the beam and the wheel clamp, and leather skin for the hooks. Dimensions are 200 x 200 x 60 cm for the base unit, with the side unit adding another 200 x 50 x 60 cm. It comes with two options in finish, either matte natural oak or matte wenge tinted oak.


Available now, the Vadolibero Bike Shelf is priced starting at €3,700.


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