Victorinox Inox Cybertool Turns Analog Watches Into Giant Smartwatches


It’s not the prettiest smartwatch solution we’ve seen, but the Victorinox Inox Cybertool is definitely creative. Instead of wearing a smartwatch, simply slap the device on your existing Victorinox watch to give it a new bezel that happens to double as a smartwatch display.

Created in collaboration with Acer, the ring-shaped accessory is designed to clip on top of your timepiece, allowing full view of the analog dial while adding smartwatch elements around it. It’s a clever way of integrating smartwatch functions in an existing watch, especially since you can easily remove it once the need for notifications (or whatever else you use it for) is done.


If the Victorinox Inox Cybertool looks a little too big, that’s because it is. The darn thing measures 52mm wide, after all, which turns your normal watch into a mega-oversized model (seriously, it looks as big as that geeky Cathode Corner Nixie Watch). It’s designed to work with the outfit’s Inox line of watches, so if you already own timepieces from the erstwhile multi-tool maker, this should make for a handy accessory for it. A small screen along the top displays most of the information (basic notifications, multiple time zone displays, chrono and stopwatch functions), while icons on the right side light up to notify users of events in their smartphones. It comes with an accelerometer for basic fitness tracking.

Features include IPX7 water-resistance, a 60mAh battery rated for a full week of use, and pushers for control (no touchscreen). It comes with an accompanying app (iOS and Android) for setting the various watch functions.

While no formal announcements have been made, the Victorinox Inox Cybertool is expected to be priced between $150 and $225.

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