Waldok, A Wall Wart Speaker Dock For The iPod Nano

Want an out of the way speaker dock for your iPod Nano 6?  Well, it’s going to be difficult to be more out of the way than the Waldok, a wallwart speaker especially made for the diminutive  music player.

Designed to keep your iPod Nano up a wall the entire time, the dock plugs directly to an outlet with no cables to mess with.  It’s simple, straightforward and non-intrusive — just like the music player it was designed for.

The Waldok is a plug-in speaker and charging dock with a roundish, socket-like design.  Impressively enough, it doesn’t look the least bit out of place, looking like a natural fit for a wall-mounted speaker.    The iPod Nano goes on the top of the dock — as such, the product pictures have it slotted on the topmost outlet, so as not to obscure access for other things you may want to plug in.

As for sound, the mono speaker comes with a 40mm driver and a custom bass chamber to eke out whatever “boom” something this small can manage.  Just going from the design alone, it looks like a perfect speaker to get music while whipping up dishes in the kitchen or while the cubicle dwellers gather in the pantry.

Currently only on the design and early prototype stages, the Waldok is a Kickstarter product.  That means, it’s looking for people willing to pledge money in order to fund it.  The creators are hoping for $30,000 seed money to get the thing going, with a $59 pledge securing you one unit when it does ship.