Use Westmark’s Bottle Opener To Pop The Cap Off Your Drink And Reseal It For Later

No, you don’t need another bottle opener in your gear stash. What if, however, that bottle opener can also reseal your drinks’ bottles, so you can preserve some of its carbonation? Well, that’s exactly what the Westmark Germany Hermetus Bottle Opener and Sealer brings to your gear stash.

That’s right, this bottle opener can also reseal the same bottle, allowing you to open a beer, enjoy a gulp, and put it back in the fridge for drinking later without losing all its fizz. No more having to finish every beer or soda you open – just drink what you want and reseal it for later.

The Westmark Germany Hermetus Bottle Opener and Sealer has an open section on one end that serves as the bottle opener, which you can use the same way you’ve used countless of those cap poppers before. Opposite that section on the other end, though, is the resealing tool, which consists of a frame shaped to secure on the sides of a bottle’s opening and an air-tight rubber surface on top of it. The frame creates a firm hold on the bottle, while the rubber provides the necessary air-tight seal, preventing the drink from losing carbonation the whole time it sits on top.

Do note, the sealer tapers down in width from end to end, so it should fit most any conventional beer and soda bottles – just slide it down until it’s flush and you’re good. In case you end up breaking any bottles using this, by the way, it just means you’ve slid the sealer way too far onto the tight end, so just seal it using the wider sections next time to keep this from happening again. To make sure it’s sealed tight enough every time, you can try turning the bottle sideways – if it’s tight enough, there should be no fluids dripping out.

The Westmark Germany Hermetus Bottle Opener and Sealer is actually a three-in-one tool. Aside from prying off bottle caps and resealing bottles, it has a toothed section that you can use to grip twist-off bottle caps, making it useful for those times you’ve been weakened by all the alcohol you’ve drunk to the point you can’t muster the strength to open a twist-off cap any longer. Hey, not all of us feel like we transform into action hero Casanovas after a few drinks.

Dimensions are 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches (height x width x depth), so it should be small enough to fit in most pockets, making it easy to bring along to parties and weekend getaways. Illustrations of the tool’s uses are etched on one side of it, by the way, so you can check that, in case you forget how to properly use it to reseal your drink. Construction is high-quality tempered steel, by the way, which should make this one of those items you can keep in your stash for a substantial amount of time.

The Westmark Germany Hermetus Bottle Opener and Sealer is available now.

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