Wikipedia The Book


Wikipedia has, for the most part, rendered all forms of physical encyclopedias obsolete.  Despite the difficulty of policing what gets written on the website and the numerous falsehoods that get promoted across its pages, people still use it as a default resource for most any subject on the face on the earth.

For whatever reason, Rob Matthews decided  he wanted the online encyclopedia (at least, parts of it) offline.  The result is Wikipedia in book form, a thick volume consisting of 5,000 pages of the website’s Featured Articles section.

Why anyone would want to print content off a website written by suspicious sources and proven to contain many inaccuracies is difficult enough to answer.  To do that for 5,000 arbitrary subjects, bounding them in a single volume is about a single step short of insane – unless you’re going to jail tomorrow and need enough reading material to keep you busy for a long prison sentence.

Despite its oddity, there is something innately amusing about this Wikipedia version.  Going from web to print with the exact same content, after all, seems as ass-backwards as you can get,  yet I can’t help but be intrigued.  While I will probably never read it, I want one too just for the hell of it!

[Rob Matthews ]