Complement Your Favorite Bike Multi-Tool With Wolftooth’s Pack Pliers


Unlike most cycling multi-tools, the Wolftooth Pack Pliers aren’t meant to replace whatever multi-tool you rely on every day. Instead, it’s meant to complement them, as it bundles a selection of tools that aren’t usually found on a standard bicycle multi-tool.

Shaped like a pair of pliers, the multi-tool, pretty much, picks up where most multi-tools get off, making it a neat addition to your EDC riding stash. That makes it a great option for expanding your existing tool kit, whether for your daily commute, your triathlon training, or your trail-riding adventures during the weekend.


The Wolftooth Pack Pliers are designed to serve as master link pliers that you can use to quickly connect and disconnect links on your bike chain without the need for a mechanical chain tool, with the ability to work with all 9-, 10-, 11-, and 12-speed chains. It can also be used as a wrench for valve steam locknuts (compatible with locknuts for most tubeless valve and Presta tubes), as well as for installing and removing most standard 5mm Presta valve cores for your tires. There’s also a tire lever for swapping in new tires in the event of a flat (do note: they don’t recommend it for carbon rims), while the handle splits down the middle, revealing two hollowed-out compartments sized to store a spare link pair each. As you can imagine, this adds some very specialized tools that anyone on a bicycle will find especially helpful.


It’s CNC-machined from anodized aluminum, so it’s both lightweight and durable, with either a black or red finish. Dimensions are 116 x 20 x 9 mm, so it should fit snugly in a bag, a pouch, or your cycling jersey’s back pocket.


Want one? The Wolftooth Pack Pliers is available now, priced at $29.95.

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