WoodVenture Smart Lantern Light Transforms From Desk Lamp To Flashlight To Lantern And Back

They call it “the innovative, multi-purpose lantern.” We have to say, we can’t disagree. For all its simplicity, the WoodVenture Smart Lantern Light is quite a clever creation with its ability to shift form to change up both its aesthetics and function alike.

Want to use it as a desk lamp to add extra illumination to your home office space? It will work. How about a bedside lamp to sit by the nightstand? It will work for that, too. Got a power outage and need to check the breakers late at night? If the flashlight’s in the garage and that’s too far, just pick this up as it can handle flashlight duties, too.

The WoodVenture Smart Lantern Light consists of a U-shaped handle with a disc-shaped enclosure holding the light. In this mode, you can set it down a flat surface using the bottom of the U-shaped handle, while you’re able to adjust the light’s direction towards any desired angle. The disc-shaped lighting unit can be rotated a full 360-degrees, by the way, so you could use it to illuminate a book you’re reading one moment and a corner of the wall where you think you just saw a cockroach crawling. Yeah… bugs make you paranoid that way.

You can use that same handle to pick it up like any portable light, making it easy to take to the closet to find that pair of socks you just can’t seem to locate or to the bathroom when you wake up in the middle of the night. Aside from setting down flat and gripping by hand, the U-shaped handle should also allow you to hang it on a hook for use as overhead lighting, making it useful for getting extra light when working under the hood of your car in the garage or cooking up some steaks in a dimly-lit backyard at night.

The WoodVenture Smart Lantern Light’s disc-shaped lighting module can actually be twisted to unlock the top and bottom sections, at which point it will transform into an accordion-shaped light. In this mode, it can function more as a lantern than as a lamp, as it diffuses the light across all directions, instead of focusing it all in one spot. This makes it useful as all-around accent lighting, whether you want some low light in the patio to relax at night or some warm light in the dining room for a romantic dinner.

It has three brightness settings, which you can switch through by simply tapping the closed section of the disc enclosure. Granted, it’s not the brightest lamp there is, but for accessory lighting, it sure as heck will do the trick. Plus, the relatively low brightness means it doesn’t get hot, making it perfectly safe even when you have children in the room. It’s equipped with a rechargeable battery, by the way, which can hold up to 24 hours’ worth of operating charge between trips to a power outlet.

Want one? The WoodVenture Smart Lantern Light is available now, priced at $49.97.

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