World’s Most Expensive Bottle Of Spirits Is A £2 Million Chambord Royale Deluxe


Chambord isn’t exactly super expensive booze (around $60 for a 750ml bottle, far as I can tell), but they now own the distinction of making the priciest bottle of alcohol ever.  The French company, in collaboration with renowned jeweller Donald Edge, just introduced a £2 million bottle of their famed sweet liqueur.

What kind of magic potion did Chambord add to their admittedly delectable sweet drink?  Nothing, actually.  The price tag is for the monstrosity adorning the classic Royale orb bottle, namely the diamonds, golds and pearls encrusted across the cap, the body and the bottom.

The lavish bottle of Chambord Royale Deluxe is decked in body-hugging jewelry that’s been hand-wrought from 18-carat yellow gold.  Not content with the precious metal, they encrusted it with a decadent smattering of round pearls and over 1,100 diamonds (round and pear cuts), along with a square-cut emerald diamond as a centerpiece.

Naturally, this gets both Chambord and Edge on the Guiness Book of World Records for producing the “Most Expensive Bottle of Spirits” ever.  With an assembly like that, though, you can dress up my dog and call it the world’s most expensive unwashed pet, too.  Heck, you can fill that bottle up with sewer water and you’ll still have to pay the same amount, making it the most expensive “toilet usage byproduct” of all time.

Aaah, the sweet taste of the unnecessarily excessive.  The bottle won’t likely be hawked for sale, but you can ogle its jewels at the London Fashion Week, where it’s currently on display.

[via Luxuo]