Use This Knife To Slice Your Gourmet Burger Into Bite-Size Bits Without Mangling The Bun


While a burger in a bun with some pickles and tomatoes are good enough to feast on day in and day out, the growing offerings in the gourmet burger category sure takes the eating experience to another level. Whether you load up your burger with a three-inch pile of vegetables, seemingly endless bacon bits, or every single thing you can grab in the fridge, one thing is certain: it’s going to be near-impossible to eat it like a regular burger without making a mess. Chances are, you’ll need to go the knife-and-fork route and slice it to bite-sized pieces.

Problem is, slicing a burger into smaller portions is near-impossible to accomplish without mangling the bun. And it turns out that way whether you use a steak knife, a bread knife, or your favorite chef knife. It’s just… tough. Yes, the world now needs a dedicated knife whose sole purpose is to slice through a bun-patty-and-everything-else combo in a very clean manner. That’s exactly what Wusthof brings with the Gourmet Burger Knife.

Designed to slice through the most loaded burgers with ease, the knife sports a unique blade shape that’s rounded at the tip, serrated towards the bolster, and straight-edged along the center. The rounded tip makes it useful for spreading condiments, while the serrated section lets you slice through buns and delicate toppings cleanly. No more compressing the buns and vegetables into an ugly mess. The straight edge, on the other hand, ensures that it will slice through even the thickest burger patties, essentially combining three very different knives into a single piece of cutlery.


The Wusthof Gourmet Burger Knife’s three-function setup, basically, makes it extremely versatile, as the blade should serve you well whether you’re eating toast with butter in the morning, a loaded burger for lunch, or a juicy slab of steak in the evening. You can even use it to slice your buns before making your burger. That means, it should effectively replace a good chunk of cutlery in your knife drawer, making it quite the smart addition to any home’s kitchen.

Construction is high-carbon stainless steel for the blade to provide long-lasting durability, while a laser-cut build ensures every blade is shaped precisely to guarantee its versatile slicing functions. This 5.5-inch long blade is paired with an equally long 4.5-inch handle cut in triple-riveted high-impact plastic that, Wusthof claims, will deliver a secure and comfortable grip. It weighs a hearty 4 ounces.

Do you need the Wusthof Gourmet Burger Knife? Probably not. If you frequently indulge in burgers that’s bursting with toppings at home, however, it only makes sense to invest in making the experience one you can truly enjoy. That means, preserving your bun’s immaculate shape while slicing it into pieces you can actually fit in your mouth. And, far as we can tell, nothing can help you accomplish that much better than this purpose-designed knife.

Available in sets of four, the Wusthof Gourmet Burger Knife is available now.

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