Credit Card Cutlery Puts A Spoon And Fork In Your Wallet


Eating with your hand sounds unappetizing?  Retain your civilized table manners wherever dastardly corner of the world you end up with the Credit Card Cutlery, a disposable spoon and fork that occupies one card space in your wallet.

Best described as “emergency utensils,” it’s the easiest way to ensure you always eat in style – even when you’re washed ashore on a deserted island.  Pluck out that raw fish liver with a mighty forking and pop it in your mouth like a tender slice of steak.  Chomp!


Each piece of Credit Card Cutlery measures the same size as regular ATM cards, containing one spoon and one fork apiece.  Since the handles are a bit too short, they integrated a two-pronged bending design that makes it easier to hold.  I’m pretty sure they’re especially cumbersome to use (heck, I find full-sized plastic utensils difficult), but they’re better than nothing.  Unless, that is, you have no qualms about eating with your fingers.

While I won’t personally use them (I’m Asian, I can eat with my armpit if I have to), those of you who absolutely, positively, unflinchingly must eat with cutlery should find them especially useful.  Just know that in situations where you find this handy, your food is probably dirty anyway.

The Credit Card Cutlery is available for $12.

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