Zigo Leader X2 Gets You A Baby Buggy And A Bike, Lets Them Couple To Become A Child-Toting Ride


The Taga Tricycle Stroller, which we wrote about not too long ago, was a pretty awesome tricycle-cum-pushchair combo.  Although it did bring a couple of unique features, it wasn’t the first of its kind.  That honor actually belongs to the Zigo Leader X2, a modular transportation system that can carry two tykes at a time on its spacious pod.

Rather than transforming like the Taga, the multi-purpose child carrier uses a modular system to offer its versatile features.  That means you can use the bike with the pod secured in front or use them separately – dad takes the kid for a stroll around the park while mom gets her morning ride.  Sure, it takes a bit more work to put together and set apart, but the more flexible uses should more than make up for it.


In bike mode, the Zigo X2 is a two-wheeled, adult-sized bicycle that manages multiple speeds and sports 20-inch wheels.  To arrange seating for your kids, you’ll need to remove the bike’s front wheel and connect it to the ChildPod, a kiddie stroller with casters in front and the same 20-inch wheels in the rear.  A third component, the optional Jogger Kit, can be appended to transform the baby transport into an exercise stroller, in case you want to take your kid out while doing your morning brisk walk.


The bike uses their homegrown LeaderLink System, which allows the baby buggy to unhinge from the bike in just 30 seconds.  It comes with plenty of safety fittings, including a five-point restraint harness, parking brakes (in case you’re disengaging the components while Junior’s inside) and front bumper crumple zone (which should keep your toddlers safe, in case you accidentally run into something while ferrying them about).

Zigo’s Leader X2 has been available for a while now at a price of $1,399. A slightly smaller, one-child version, the Leader X1, is scheduled to come by Spring of 2010 for $49 less.
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