Zipbuds Solves Tangled Earphone Cables Using Zippers

Do you also hate tangled earphone cables?  Fair enough, those things are irritating.  No matter what you do, though, they’ll always end up that way since tangling is exactly what cables do.  Unless they’re designed like the Zipbuds.

Released by California-based Digital Group Audio, the clever audio equipment solves the tangled wires problem by enclosing the cables in a zipper, with one running cable on each side.  That way, only the tips of the wires are exposed, preventing them from knotting together in a crazy bunch that leaves you infuriated every time you want to use your iPod.

Zipbuds uses a “vertebrae” zipper design that’s thin, light and flexible, allowing you to bundle them conveniently in your pocket just like regular cables.  Made from Dupont Kevlar braided cabling, the company claims it  should be durable enough for regular use, whether you wear your buds for the morning jog or for tuning out the office chatter.

It features custom-angled ear tips for a snug fit, as well as a “patented centralized acoustic ventilation that generates richly detailed audio quality and minimizes Total Harmonic Distortion.”  Normally, I’m pretty tolerant to tech-babble, but I’ll just assume  that one means the 8-mm drivers make it sound really, really good (or somewhat good, since the zipper cabling is the real star here).   Oh yeah, it comes with detachable sport clips, too, so it stays on even when you hit the treadmill hard.

You can get the Zipbuds in a variety of attractive colors (including metallic blue and metallic pink), priced at $39.99.