Rape-Axe: Condoms That Bite Is Crazy Useful Invention Of The Day

Being a rapist just got a whole lot more dangerous.  A new condom called Rape-Axe, a rape prevention prophylactic designed to be worn by women, comes with jagged teeth that will dig into your attacker's sensitive area when they try to force themselves.  Argh.

Invented by Dr. Sonette Ehlers, the contraption isn’t meant to simply wound.  Instead, it tears deep into the skin and affixes itself, requiring medical attention in order to be removed.  Yes, rapists will now have to visit a doctor and expose themselves as such, lest risk permanently damaging their members trying to pry it out themselves.

The Rape-Axe is inserted into a woman similar to a tampon, where it will sit like a rabid pitbull guarding a house entrance.  Once penetration is attempted, the jagged hooks sink into the offender's private parts, creating enough pressure to induce serious pain and prevent the man from being able to urinate.  Seriously.  It's that gnarly.

Ehlers is currently testing 30,000 of the device in South Africa (during the World Cup), a country notorious for high incidences of rape and HIV infection.  All the women who undergo the tests will do so under medical supervision, although it appears these will be marketed as self-administered kits.

Honestly, this sounds perfect as temporary chastity belts for women who like to find dates online or paranoid male chaps hitting prison for the first time (we're not sure if it will fit down there in the back, though).   After the South African trials, the Rape-Axe condoms will be sold in stores for $2 apiece.

[Rape-Axe via Jezebel]

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  1. Ashley

    Sounds like an awesome idea, but it says it goes in like a tampon?, a tampon has a string so it comes out, Sasha has a good point, how does the woman take this thing out? she obviously cant just leave it in her.

  2. sam

    they said it will be administered as a kit, maybe they have a tool to remove them your self? or you can carefully pull it out i guess. either way this is brilliant. women can walk the streets feeling a little safer.

  3. brenda oelbaum

    Saw something similar in one of my all time favorite feminist horror films. Of course at the moment I can’t remember the name, I think it was out of Australia..and the protagonist knew she was going to be raped so she fashioned something like this out of a baby food jar and hacked up the lid so that you could go in but if you tried to get out it would rip your dong off!….one of the best things I’d ever seen so glad that creative thinking can be really useful.

  4. Patrick

    Great idea in principle, but I do wonder if it will not lead to more murdered woman. I can image a man getting stung by something like this killing or seriously wounding/mutilating his victim to get revenge. Especially if a woman gets attacked/raped by more than one man at the same time.

  5. Gail

    Oh I think he will be more concerned about his junk to bother with the woman. I mean, if you get hit in the balls, can you really think straight for a while?

  6. B

    Uhhhh what if the girl is just pissed off at her bf or guy she is dating and decides this is a good idea for revenge ?

  7. Anna

    What if he has something infectious like Hepatitis, syphillis or AIDS? If this causes the man’s junk to get torn open inside a woman, isn’t that dangerous to her????

  8. Ben

    This looks similar to a Femidom, which would make it easy to remove – for the attacker! Anyways I find it hard to imagine it would be painless to insert but hard to remove with just one grip. Bcs otherwise the attacker could just tear it away like he would do with the clothes before attempting penetration.
    What’s more, if it is anything like a Femidom, it would actually require to “aim” carefully – which an attacker probably wouldn’t care about, would he?


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