The 12-Oz Carabiner Mug Carries Your Coffee On Your Belt

A travel mug is portable enough for always having a coffee vessel with you. But you’ll constantly have to hold it in hand, even when the damn thing’s empty.  If you’d rather have free use of your fingers after downing the entirety of your morning beverage, this 12-Oz. Carabiner Mug should prove a better choice.

Designed for mobile use, it features a carabiner handle that you can use to hook it onto a belt loop.  That way, you can walk around while texting in one hand and solving a Rubik’s cube in the other, all while ready to down steaming brew at a moment’s notice.

The 12-Oz. Carabiner Mug comes with double-walled steel construction and a screw-on lid, helping your hot drink stay hot for longer. Since it’s made from steel, it won’t chip or break even when you accidentally bump it into some dude’s side mirror while walking out of the parking lot (we suggest running instead of walking, though, since you just broke someone’s side mirror).

With one of these things hanging on your belt, you can finally tell girls you’ve got something long, thick and hard below the waist without lying, since it measures 7 x 2.25 inches.  It can fit in most vehicle’s cup holders, too, apart from being plenty usable as a key fob (hey, might as well make full use of that carabiner).

If you like your coffee to-go, it can’t get any easier to tow along than this hands-free 12-Oz. Carabiner Mug.  It’s available from Amazon, priced at just under $15.

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