Inflatable Arms Allow This Drone To Safely Land And Float On Water


A drone with inflatable arms – that’s the selling point behind the Airvada Diodrone. Not only does the inflatable limbs make it a lot easier to transport, after all, it also allows it to safely land on water, as the air-filled arms will leave it buoyant enough to float as it waits to be retrieved.

That’s right, this drone has blow-up arms that can collapse when not in use, allowing you to carry it in a small case, instead of requiring a dedicated backpack. They also inflate fast, allowing you to simply attach it to an air pump and be ready to fly within a couple of minutes.


The Airvada Diodon comes in three versions: SP20, MP40, and HP150. All three take on a hexacopter profile, giving them six individual arms and motor-and-propeller assemblies, with an enclosed body that’s completely waterproof, so you can’t just land this on water, but even fly it in the rain. Each of the drones, by the way, vary in size, payload capacity, and endurance, so you can get the exact one you need to fulfill your specific requirements.

The SP20, for instance, measures just 200 x 200 x 100mm when folded, all while flying for up to 20 minutes and mounting a GoPro or similar action am. The MP40, on the other hand, measures 300 x 300 x 150mm folded, flies up to 30 minutes, and supports an action-cam-with-two-axis-gimbal setup, while the HP150 maxes things out with a 400 x 400 x 200 mm folded size, 35 minutes of flight time, and mount camera setups up to 3.3 pounds.

Learn more about the Airvada Diodon from the link below.

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