Batribike Micro, The World’s Smallest Production Folding Electric Bike

Granted, it looks more like a push scooter than an electric bike, but that’s exactly what the Batribike Micro is.  Not only that, it can fold down to a size so compact, it claims to be the smallest folding electric bicycle in the world.

Lightweight at just 21 lbs. (including battery and motor), it’s quite possibly the most travel-friendly urban commuting option there is.   That is, if you’re not averse to riding super slow, since those wheels (12 inches in front and 14 inches in the back) look ridiculously small.

The Batribike Micro sizes up at 45 inches long and 36 inches high (measured from ground to the handlebar), with the aluminum alloy frame standing at only around the same height as your shin.      As a bicycle, it only has a fixed single gear — making pedaling it around town a likely frustrating proposition.  Fortunately, there’s a two-speed 120W electric motor mounted on the front wheel to provide pedal-assist, which helps the bike reach top speeds of around 12 mph.

A 14.4V 11Ah lithium ion battery hides inside the frame, sending juice to the motor for up to 15 miles on a single charge (pedal-assist only).  Other features include a caliper brake for the rear wheel, electro-magnetic brake for the front, integrated LEDs for both front and rear, and colored mudguards.

For portability, the Batribike Micro can fold into a compact assembly measuring 26 x 16 x 20.5 inches, which you can slip into the included  PU-coated black canvas bag.  Suffice to say, this is a great on-land vehicle for loading onto your private plane or yacht (or checking in to baggage if you’re so poor, you have to fly commercial), so you can explore the local surroundings as soon as you hit ground.  It’s available now for £599 (around $970).

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