Below The Boat Makes Gorgeous Wooden Bathymetric Charts

Framing a beautifully-detailed map of your favorite area of water can make for decent wall candy.  Especially if you want to impress girls who come over with half-embellished tales of your past adventures in the open seas.  But why settle for maps when you can hang these gorgeous Below The Boat Wood Charts?

Perfect for nautical-themed rooms, the framed images are, technically, bathymetric charts (the underwater equivalent of topographic maps), although they look more like exquisite pieces of art.  Instead of a flat printed map, the charts provide the impression of genuine visual depth, giving you a clear image not just of the land formations, but the deep channels and sharp drop-offs in the water.

The Below The Boat Wood Charts achieve the visual depth by using multiple layers of laser-cut Baltic birch sheets that are laid on top of each other and glued together.  Each layer is hand-colored, with bodies of water finished in blue to make them easily discernible from land, while all major byways are etched into the sheets in wood-burned detail.   Everything is enclosed in a custom-made solid wood frame with a sheet of ultra-transparent plexiglass.

As of now, they have charts available for over 20 locations, including Lake Michigan, Santa Catalina Island and Cape Cod.  Unfortunately, they can’t do custom orders since each chart is designed individually, but you can put in a request for your personal piece of paradise and cross your fingers they get around to it.

Sizes for the Below The Boat Wood Charts vary, with prices starting at $128.

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