Bit Bar Provides Eight Bits And A Full Grip Handle For Efficient Driving On-The-Go


Over the years, we’ve seen a few pocket-sized screwdrivers that enabled efficient driving function on the go, such as the Tool Pen and the Fix-It Stick. You can throw in the Bit Bar into that mix.

A semi-rectangular case for holding quarter-inch hex bits, it measures around the same length and thickness as standard screwdriver handle, allowing you to drive screws with a full grip. That way, you can tighten and loosen screws with a tool that fits conveniently in your pocket, allowing you to be duly-equipped wherever you may be.


The Bit Bar’s compartment can accommodate up to eight standard bits, with a magnetic push bar that slides the compartment slightly upwards to let you load and take out bits in a jiffy. It comes with a bit slot on one end and a hole on the other for throwing in a lanyard, along with a clip on one side for securing on the edge of a pants pocket. Construction is your choice of either Grade 5 titanium or reinforced fiberglass, so it should be pretty durable and hardwearing, regardless of which option you pick. It comes with eight quarter-inch bits, including two Phillips (#1 and #2), two flatheads (1/4 and 3/16), two Torx (T15 and T20), and two Square (#1 and #2), although it should be fully compatible with any quarter-inch bit in your toolbox.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Bit Bar. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $55.

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