EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger Draws Those Straight Paint Lines For You

An angled sash brush, paired with a generous heaping of painter’s tape, should be enough to help you paint straight lines on your walls and ceilings like a pro.  But it’s not easy.  If you want to simplify those painstaking painting tasks, you’ll probably want to get the EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger.

Made by Black & Decker, the pistol-gripped painting contraption makes covering up parts of the wall you don’t want to paint unnecessary. How?   By ensuring you always splash a straight line onto the surfaces.  Trimming and edging won’t just be cleaner, you’ll be finishing jobs considerably faster, too (2x faster, according to the product website).

The EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger is a powered painting tool that lets you edge around molds, windows, doors and corners more accurately.  Lightweight with an ergonomic handle, your hands and wrists should experience less strain, too.  To use, just fill up the paint tube direct from a can of your pigment of choice (get a Dutch Boy Refresh if you get gas a lot), load it into the tool, and start shooting paint off to the wall.  A single filled tube can paint a straight line up to 25 feet long.

It uses a vibrating applicator to lay down a smooth and consistent finish that covers surfaces up to the edges.  Both the applicator and the paint tubes are disposable, though, so you’ll have to buy a bunch if you’re planning a big job.  The good news is, there’s no cleanup necessary, since you’re throwing all the stuff that comes in contact with paint afterwards.  Very convenient.

Black & Decker now has the EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger available, priced at $35.

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