A Folding Honeycomb Structure Allows The Bookniture To Go From Book To Stool


If being a book that turns into a stool isn’t impressive enough, the Bookniture can be stacked in order to turn the ensemble into a standard height desk. And if that isn’t impressive enough, you can stack another one to turn it into a standing cardboard workstation. And if that isn’t impressive enough, either, it can support a whopping 375 pounds, all while being constructed entirely from cardboard.

Rather than fixed panels, this one uses an expanding honeycomb structure that allows it to collapse into a book-like object. They made sure to make it look like a real book, too, so you can leave it on the coffee table or rack it in the bookshelf without anyone being the wiser. That same honeycomb structure, by the way, allows it to support that impressive amount of weight, ensuring even superheavyweights can get to rest their legs by sitting comfortably on it.


When folded, the Bookniture measures 13 x 7 x 1.6 inches (height x width x depth), then expands to 14 times that size to 14 x 13 inches (diameter x height) when turned into a functional stool. Magnets hold the covers together during furniture mode, ensuring it won’t suddenly fold back into an inch and a half thick pile. Construction is splash-resistant kraft paper, so it should withstand the occasional spills that stools and side tables are normally subjected to. Each one comes with a round felt that you can lay on top of the piece, ensuring you’ll find it comfortable, whether it’s used as a chair or a table.


The Bookniture is currently raising funds for a production run from Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $60.

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