Bottle-Opening Ruler: Measure Something, Drink Beer

Plastic rulers are for children and rubber bandits.  Older, more mature people who use rulers for school or work will almost always go for stainless steel ones, since they’re durable, tough and can double as a face-whacking weapon in time of need.  This Bottle-Opening Ruler makes itself even more useful by tripling as your beer and soda cap popper.

Whether you’re a DIY carpenter building a nerd fort in the backyard or an aspiring jeansmaker drawing a pattern on a roll of selvedge denim, you probably use a ruler.  And you also probably drink beer.  And you also probably want this two-in-one school supply so you can quickly down that six-pack without using your teeth to open bottles again (your dentist hasn’t been happy).

The Bottle-Opening Ruler is a heavy duty measuring stick clad in stainless steel, with lines for both inches and centimeters.  At just 6 inches long, it makes for a handy accessory to slip in your back pocket, ready to open a beer and settle a length dispute with just a quick draw.  The bottle opener is punched right through the body, so the ruler is constructed flat, making it easy to put away in a bag or tool box.

Oh yeah, and if you suspect a troll has been sneakily drinking your open beers when you use the loo, you can use the Bottle-Opening Ruler to measure how high your drink is before you leave.  That way, when you come back to find it an inch less full, you’ll know for sure there really is a troll in your apartment.  You can then sue the landlord since it wasn’t disclosed in your lease agreement.  Profit!

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