Bottle Tops Turns Aluminum Cans Into Resealable Bottles


Prefer bottles to cans, but no bottled beverages available?  Not a problem.  Just snap the Bottle Tops on that aluminum container and slug your carbonated drinks like it came in a bottle.

Sure, it feels stupid having to carry an extra accessory around just to drink a can of Coke.  It does bring a couple of extra benefits you may want to consider, though.  First, if you're a clumsy drinker, you've probably had spills downing liquids from a can.  No chance of that here.  More importantly, it lets you reseal the canned drink, so your beer or soda never loses any of their fizz.  You can even throw leftovers in the fridge for later, instead of dumping perfectly good drinks out.

The product is as simple as it gets.  It's a plastic accessory with a bottom that snaps over regular aluminum cans and a top with a resealable mouth.  After you're done with the drinks, pull it off, throw the can away, wash the Bottle Top and use again.

It's a great alternative to using PET bottles (aluminum is easier to transport for recycling) and is an awesome tool for those who like to nurse a can of beer to last them the whole night (no more flat taste).  Know what's even grander, though?  Guys with moustaches that get caught on the pull tab will never have to suffer through that same problem again.

The Bottle Tops come in a variety of colors and are available in sets of twelve for only $10.

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