Chain Mail Coif: For Geeks, By Dwarves


Tired of wearing your makeshift medieval outfit during…errr…whatever that stuff is you go to donning that garb?  Bring a little more authenticity to your girl-repellant costume with the Chain Mail Coif, real metal headgear that slips under your hood to help keep you safe from sword-toting enemies while battling for a fair maiden’s hand.

Since this isn’t really the Middle Ages and you aren’t likely to get into any real duels, you can just wear it for special events like Comic-Con or when you’re trying to pick up chicks on Stickam (like the guy on the photo above).  Who knows, you might actually chance upon a princess with a fancy for grown men wearing such an irresistible fashion accessory from centuries past.

This particular Chain Mail Coif is sold in two variants, Standard and Riveted. The former uses butted mail, where the anodized aluminum rings are bent close (just like regular chain), while the latter sports rivet closures connecting each ring.  Thinkgeek claims their coifs are “hand-forged by dwarfs in forbidden mines near the center of the earth,” which is absolutely bogus – everyone knows worker dwarves are so expensive only Apple can afford them.

It’s funny how the same accessory that made girls swoon so many years ago will probably be the same fashion item that keeps you single for the next few years, isn’t it?  At any rate, this should make for an instant kick-ass piece, whether you need to dress up for a medieval fair or a themed office party.  The Standard Chain Mail Coif is available for $35, with the Riveted variety selling for $60.

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