Your Chair Now Has Endless Storage Space Between Cushions

Any time the remote is missing, that crevice under the cushion of the sofa is always the smart place to look.  Since that crack seems a natural magnet for holding small objects, someone decided to stop getting mad and just embrace it.  The Lost In Sofa Chair is the result.

Designed by  Japanese studio Daisuke Motogi Architecture, the chair is made up entirely of small cushions, with lines upon lines of that seemingly magnetic crevasse.  That way, you can stop riling against it and just use it to hold an innumerable amount of stuff — remotes, coffee cups, mobile phones, books, plants, medicine, condoms and more.  Heck, ditch the iPad stand and just wedge your tablet in there for vertical viewing.  It could work.

The Lost In Sofa Chair measures 35.43 x 27.55 x 27.55 inches and comes decked entirely in upholstered cube cushions from top to bottom.  That means, you can use the entire chair as an extra storage space, wedging everything you can’t find a place for in between those hundreds of cubes.

Repurposing a flaw into a feature is quite an awesome feat.  And this clever seating furniture does it so well.  Just remember to keep the food away from the cracks and you’ll be fine, lest have the rats, cockroaches and ants join you the next time you sit down for a movie.

[Dskmtg via Dezeen]