Chop Is A Donut Shaped Mincing Knife And A Weapon

Knives are cool.  Knives with unusual shapes are even cooler.  The Chop is a mincing knife that’s shaped like a donut with a half-moon blade and all the awesomeness that description suggests.

Devised by the Lucidi Pevere Design Studio, half of the circular contraption is made up of the blade, with the other half serving as the handle.  Because of the shape, you can hold it in a much more natural position while you chop herbs and vegetables into fine pieces, avoiding the wrist-twisting normally necessary with your typical kitchen dicers.

When closed up, the Chop looks more like a decorative ring than a food preparation tool.  The colorful candy-like outside material is made from rubber, half of which stays in place as  a grip handle, with the other half easily removable to expose the blade.  We’re not sure how much better this uni-tasker performs compared to a multi-function chef’s knife, but it’s definitely a whole lot better-looking.

What the product page doesn’t mention is the Chop’s potential as a seriously intimidating weapon.  Wear it around your fist like brass knuckles (make sure you tape up your arms because you could get cut) and you’ve got one scary-looking, pink-colored throat-slasher right there.  Sick!

[LucidiPevere Studio]