City Coat Rack: Hang Your Suit Under Your Favorite Skyline

Did you also move to LA to become an actor star and now miss the New York skyline?   See it every time you take off your jacket with the City Coat Rack, a wall-mounted framework clad in the silhouette of your favorite metropolis.

Fashioned by Michael Rösing of Radius Design, each fixture portrays the prominent landmarks and architecture found in one of ten cities.  Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dortmund, Munich, Stuttgart, New York, London and Paris all get to represent, each one with identifiable outlines that define the prominent features of the locale.

The City Coat Rack has 19 fixed hooks for hanging an assortment of clothes and accessories, from your jackets to your hats to that used underwear that would otherwise be strewn on the floor.  Mmmm…maybe not the last one.  It measures 80 x 18 x 3.5 cm (w x h x d) and comes in a single profile (black).

Each piece is accurately rendered using laser cutting technology, making for heavily detailed designs bound to bring back memories of the city you remember. Regardless of which area of the house you put it in, the design looks like it will make a nice fit, apart from being a definite conversation starter.

Radius Design has the City Coat Rack on retail for 69 Euros (around $95) each.

[tip Radius Design]