The Clicker Brings Us Closer To A Real Universal Remote

You paid $200 for that super high-tech universal remote and it doesn’t even help you get drunk. You’ve been had. Better trade that useless junk in for The Clicker, a new universal remote that takes the label “universal” one step further: you can use it to pop beers open.

A remote that actually has an integrated bottle opener? Absolutely brilliant. Now, all you have to do is build that RC controlled robot to grab beers from the fridge and you’ll be all set. What if you can’t build a robot? Uhm… I guess you can move the fridge to the living room. All that business of keeping the fridge in the kitchen is overrated anyway.

The Clicker is a nine-function universal remote that can be programmed to control up to eight components: TV, DVD, satellite, cable, VCR, CD, DVR and amplifier. What’s the ninth? The bottle opener, of course. It comes with 630 preset codes, an ability to learn from other remotes, 12 one-touch system control functions, 16-step macros and wide-angled operation. It’s like your favorite remote, except you’ll love it more because it can open your beers too.

I think this can even be taken a step further.  Since we’re equipping remotes with mechanical functions already, why not throw an entire multi-tool in there? How about a nail clipper so I can trim my nails while I’m watching TV or a toothpick so I can reach for that stuck pepperoni in my molars? God knows I can use all of that and more too.

Couch potatoes of the world, write your favorite remote control manufacturer and send in your suggestions. Isn’t it time we had a real “universal” remote for once?

[more at My Clicker]