With No Doors, The Cubrick Cabinet Opens Using A Clever Pirouetting Design

We still don’t totally understand how the Cubrick works, but it does. And watching it go from closed to open is all manners of impressive.

Created by the Yard Sale Project, the whole thing looks like a simple freestanding cabinet with multiple levels. Except for the fact that, while there are a couple of handles, there appears to be no doors. As it turns out, each of the various levels are designed to rotate when you pull the handles outward, exposing the opening in each of the multiple compartments.


Cubrick doesn’t just rotate, either, it pirouettes, making for quite the sight to stare at every time you want to retrieve something from the storage unit. With no doors, it takes up nearly the same dimensions whether open or close, minimizing the furniture’s footprint and saving space. The catch, however, is you can’t push the cabinet flush against the wall, since there are openings on all sides (some compartments open on one side, some on its opposite, some on the one adjacent to it). As such, it’s designed for use in most areas where you’re not likely to see a cabinet (e.g. you can use it as a room divider), making it less ideal for cramped living spaces.


Four models are available: one with 12 compartments, another with 16, and two with 20 compartments apiece. For those last two, one has evenly-sized compartments while the other has varying sizes. Construction is wood for all the pieces, with Impala fabric lining and metal handles (either brass or copper).

Like many impressively-designed furniture, the Cubrick isn’t cheap. Price starts at $7,300.

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