Custom Face Stamps Immortalize Your Likeness In Ink

Can’t get enough of your own pretty face?  Plaster it across everything with a piece from Stamp It, which makes bespoke rubber stamps with your hopeless mug carved in.

All those documents that land across your desk in the office requiring your signature?  Give them your stamp of approval by casting your  beaming smile upon it.  Each piece works just like any regular handstamp – dip it on an ink pad, slap it where you want to leave your impression and you’re done.

Instead of the usual signatures or Hello Kitty cartoons on it, Stamp It’s bespoke rubber markers are designed to leave an imprint of your face.  Simply send in your photo, have it drawn and, once you approve the likeness, get it carved into a custom face stamp bearing your semblance.

They offer two sizes of stamps – 0.7-inch wide for solo faces and 1.2-inches wide for couples.  Yes, you can pose with your favorite blow-up doll and have both of your faces adorn everything that ink will stick to, making it perfect for signing all those holiday postcards to mom with your imaginary girlfriend.  For the couple version, a  heart stamp is also thrown in for free, just in case you enjoy being painfully cheesy.

Each custom face stamp comes in an oval box and ships with no ink pad, so you’ll either have to buy from them or supply your own.  Price is $45 for the couple version and probably cheaper for the solo, since, let’s face it, being single makes you lonely.

[Etsy via Urbandaddy]