Pixit Is A Customizable Pixel Art Rubber Stamp

Customizable rubber stamps never really became a thing.  Mostly, because nobody invented one that’s actually functional and fun.  Well, that could change with the Pixit, a Quirky project that gives you an infinitely customizable rubber stamp.

Unlike many multiple-design rubber stamps, this doesn’t involve a rotating mechanical thingie (like the Office Speak Rubber Stamp) or swappable rubber surfaces.  All those, after all, still put a serious limit on what things you can stamp on that Moleskine notebook your aunt got you for Christmas.  We have no idea why your aunt bought you a Moleskine, but we’re guessing it’s the hipster glasses and the snobby attitude.  Hey, maybe she’s being nice and pointing out your annoying qualities without being blunt.

While you won’t be able to use the Pixit to stamp out a replica of your favorite Van Gogh, the contraption offers an infinite amount of designs using a novel trick that lets you “carve out” a new design any time you want to.  How?  By using hundreds of tiny square rubber surfaces that you can individually push down to create a fresh image.  The result is totally pixel art-quality, but we doubt anyone will mind — especially since we’ve never seen a solution to customizable rubber stamps like this before.

To use, you start off by sketching a drawing on the non-stamping surface, which happens to be dry-erase .  Once you’re done, simply push in all those “pixels” covered by your doodle (or those that aren’t, depending on how you want it to come out) using the bundled tool until your stamp design is ready, put the cover over the non-stamping surface, lock the pixels in (so the raised pixels don’t get pressed when you’re stamping) and start marking everything in sight.  When you want a new design, simply push the pins from the rubber side (again, using the tool) into their original state, erase the markings and start over.

The Pixit is currently on the “We’re Making It Stage” at Quirky.  We’re not really sure what that means, but you can provide feedback on pricing and other details directly from the product page.

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