Customize Your Firefox With Free Skins And Personas


You can now customize your Firefox browser with different themes and skins. These skins are very lightweight which means they won’t slow down your browser experience in any way. Not that there is anything wrong with the default color scheme of Firefox. We techies specially like it because in search business, speed and simplicity is the name of the game. I also think these Firefox skins would attract more younger and female crowd towards Firefox.

Yes, how many of you use Firefox but your families and girlfriends (no pun intended, maybe a little bit) probably still have default IE installed on their machines.

You can design your own or use already available skins. Heck you can design and post them on to site so that even other people can use ’em. Pretty cool ‘eh. (No one is Canadian here BTW)

So get your Firefox Personas and Skins right here and make your browsing experience a little bit cooler.

Click here for simple  instructions on how to install your Personas.