Get Drunk While Reliving Your Childhood With The Dr. Strangelove Swing Bar


The King Arthur Round Swing Table is awesome and all, but a conference table with built-in swings is just bound to have an identity crisis. I mean, is it a furniture for serious work or whimsical play? But what if you take the same design and replace the table with a bar instead, so it’s all about unmitigated fun? That’s exactly what they did with the Dr. Strangelove Swing Bar.

Made by Duffy London, it’s, basically, the King Arthur Round Swing Table, with the conference table swapped out in place of a bar. No, not a half-assed mini-bar for your man cave, but a large one for commercial establishments, complete with space at the center for the bartenders to stay on while they serve the guests sitting on swing seats around them.


The Dr. Strangelove Swing Bar is set up in a round configuration, with 15 built-in swing chairs suspended out of the surrounding frame. Yes, it can rock back and forth just like those swings from the playgrounds of your childhood, except this time around, you can do the swinging while completely drunk out of your mind. Oh yeah, we highly recommend getting drunk before you actually play with the swings, since it’s almost always certain you’re going to end up slamming right into the edge of the bar as you swing back forward and alcohol definitely helps with dulling the pain.


Features include an easy-access door, so the bartenders can quickly come in and out, as well as two wood options for the bar (walnut and oak) and powder-coated mild steel for the frame. There’s also an optional suspended internal lighting, which, we’re guessing, you’ll want to take since getting drunk is always better when there are fancy lights in the room.

Pricing for the Dr. Strangelove Swing Bar starts at £25,000.

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