Droplet Is A 3-Liter Wet Bag That Can Fold And Hang On Your Keychain


Find yourself regularly needing a wet bag for dumping in soaked, soiled, and dripping clothes? While stuffing a small trash bag in your wallet will probably do the trick, the Droplet should prove a much more elegant solution.

Made by Matador, it’s a wet bag that can fold into a tiny bundle that fits on your keychain, hangs on a bag zipper, or slides into your pocket when not in use. That way, you can have a wet bag ready-to-go dangling with your pile of keys, waiting to be pulled out whenever you finish a sweaty workout at the gym, a dripping wet swim at the clubhouse pool, or a long hike in the middle of the rain.


The Matador Droplet comes with a teardrop-shaped silicone carrying case that’s designed to hang on a key ring. Once you’re done, simply dry the bag out and fold it back into the case for use another day. Measuring 9 x 10.5 inches, this is no small bag, either, able to fit up to three liters of content inside – a whole lot, considering it’s a bag your keep on your keychain. It’s fully waterproof (provided you pull the drawstring to shut it tight, of course), so it will keep water from your wet clothes inside to ensure zero dripping, apart from serving as a dry bag when you need to brave wet weather without soaking your gear.   Do note, it’s intended to perform regular dry bag functions but not submersion, so most use-cases should be fine, short of using it to hold your gear while taking photographs underwater.


Available now, the Matador Droplet is priced at $14.99.

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