Clever Storage: EC Pack-It Two-Sided Cube

Need a neater, smarter way to squeeze more items in your luggage?  Maximize your packing space with the Eagle Creek Pack-It Two-Sided Cube, a dual-compartment zip-up bag for neatly cramming everything you need for a trip.

“Really, you want me to pay for bags designed to go inside a bag?”  We know how some of you may be resistant to the idea.  Imagine the benefits, however, of having separate containers for all your jeans, all your shorts, all your tees and all your dress shirts, all tightly crammed into rectangular parcels that take up as little space as possible.

The Pack-It Two-Sided Cube does even its regular counterparts much better.  With two separate compartments, you can easily segregate clean clothes from the dirty ones.  One of the sides uses spill-proof and stink-proof mesh and liners too, so they can easily take your wet and stinky clothes, without having it affect the rest of your packed garb.

Measuring 14 x 10 x 4 inches, the two-part nylon box comes with 650 cu in of combined space, translating to a good load of stuff without the usual accompanying chaos.  It features two-way zippered openings, along with a mesh top on the dry side for visibility and breathability.  Plus, there’s a quick grab handle, in case you need to haul it on its own.

Beyond camping and travel use, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Two-Sided Cube can help you organize  a veritable mass of clothes on a size-starved home closet too.   The space-saving, dual-compartment travel container is available on Amazon for $22 and less.
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