eTrainer Turns Regular Bicycles Into Stationary Bikes

You bought a bicycle to use for exercise.  Shortly after bringing it home, you suddenly realized just how much you hate the outdoors.  Convert that bicycle into a stationary bike with the eTrainer Universal Bicycle Trainer, an aftermarket home system that lets you set up any standard pedal pusher for indoor cycling.

Designed to work with most bikes in the market, it can be used with BMX racers,  mountain bikes, fixies and more.  Recumbent bikes can be mounted on the assembly, too, provided it only has one rear wheel.  Unicycle owners, however, are out of luck.

The eTrainer consists of two mounting frames: one for the front of the bike to keep it steady and another for the rear to give your pedal-pushing some traction.   It comes with quick release adapters for securing the front wheels on the mount, while the rear  tire sits on two movable rollers.   The front frame has adjustable height, allowing you to set it up higher or lower, depending on your preferred riding stance.

Since the locking mechanism can be disengaged quickly, you can mount and dismount your bike at will.  That way, you can cycle indoors when it’s raining outside, as well as easily take the bicycle outdoors once the weather’s more permitting.

There’s no tension mechanism on the rollers, so you’re stuck with just the default setting.  They promise it feels natural, though, just like riding on a regular concrete surface.  You can get the eTrainer Universal Bicycle Trainer now, priced at $125.

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