Flying Hovercraft Can Leap Over 20-Foot Obstacles

Hovercrafts are always awesome, but you’ll still run into problems when encountering large surface obstacles in your path.   That is, unless you’re piloting the Flying Hovercraft, an air-cushion vehicle with the ability to actually fly over those obstructions when necessary.

While it won’t operate like a real aircraft (you know, flying like Superman and all), it has the ability to soar upwards, allowing you to leap over objects up to 20 feet tall.  That way, you don’t have to go around that large rock in the river or that giant cactus in your path — just use the integrated wings and horizontal elevator to send the vehicle upwards like those side-scrolling 8-bit video game spaceships.

The Flying Hovercraft uses a 130HP twin cylinder liquid-cooled gasoline engine that sends it streaking at speeds of up to 70 mph.  A 60-inch wood and carbon composite thrust propeller provides the forward push, with a 1,100-rpm lift fan blowing up the nylon skirt to get it hovering above the ground.  On regular hover mode, it can ride over sand, mud, grass, water and most any kind of surface, including 30-degree slopes.  For inclines with higher angles, just use the flight feature and leap over them.

Hull is constructed with composite fiberglass and PVC, allowing it to hold steady despite winds of up to 25mph and waves up to 6 feet in height.  It can run for a distance of up to 160 miles while carrying payloads up to 600 pounds.

Hammacher Schlemmer has the Flying Hovercraft available now, priced at $190,000.

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