Fracture Prints your Photos on Glossy Glass Frame

There are plenty of options when it comes to showing off your pictures at home.   You can hold it in a frame, have it laid out on a large poster or throw it up on your HDTV as part of a slideshow.  If you have a photo that deserves something more classy, though, you might want to try Fracture, an online service that converts your digital pictures into glass-printed masterpieces.

Basically, they print your photo.  Except, instead of doing it on photographic paper, they screen the whole thing onto a flat glass surface, creating personal display pieces with a fancy-looking high-gloss  finish.

With a name like Fracture, one thing immediately comes to mind: your clumsy hands will likely break this thing before you even get it up on the wall.  Fear not, though, as they use a single-strength glass frame that claims better shatter-proof qualities than regular varieties, apart from having no sharp edges to allow for safe handling.  Each frame ships ready for mounting, so you need not add anything (not even screws) to set it up.  There’s also an optional stand if you’d rather put the frame up on a display table.

The process is simple.  You upload a digital photo, do some customizations (borders, cropping, resizing, shadow effects), pick out print sizes (they have set versions, both in landscape and portrait modes) and send in your order.  Then, you wait for the package to arrive, ready for showing off to everyone who visits your abode.

Fracture’s glass frames range in size from 5 x 7 inches to 11 x 14 inches, with prices between $8 to $25.