Freedom Flask Lets You Hide Beer…Near Your Crotch

Alcohol flasks are great, but they’re far from the smartest way to sneak booze into controlled places.  One functioning metal detector and any hope you have for a party is done.  The Freedom Flask, an IV-like beverage container that wears around your groin, should easily make a much better replacement.

Created by a UGA grad who sought out better ways of sneaking hooch into football games, it solves all the problems inherent in other ways of stealthily packing drinks.  No bags that leak, no metals for detectors to go wild over and no bottles to make a bulge in your pocket.  Since it’s under your pants, few will dare pat down where it can be felt either.

The Freedom Flask is a heavy-duty vinyl bag designed to carry 750ml of your favorite drinks.  It’s tethered to a 40-inch belt you can tie around your waist, with option to add a 12-inch extender for those who spent the last few years drinking themselves into  a rotund physique.   You can access the contents via an integrated opening, secured by medical-grade valves.

Since it wears under the pants, you will need to pull your trousers down in order to pour yourself a glass.   That means a trip to the can every time you get thirsty, unless you’re fine with stripping down in public.

The only downside?  The drink won’t stay cool.  But that’s going to be fixed this Fall when the company releases a custom-fit neoprene sleeve for keeping your beverage chilled.   The Freedom Flask is available for $24.99 and we can’t wait!

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