Godfather and Godmother Clocks: When Grandfather Clocks Just Won’t Work

Grandfather clocks are cool.  Except they’re a pain to move when you want to rearrange a room, not to mention they’ll look off in your very contemporary living space.  Maybe you can make do with these Godfather and Godmother Clocks instead.

Just like grandfather clocks, these are tall standing time machines that should draw serious attention in a room rather than fly under the radar.  Unlike them, though, these should be as easy to move around as a standing lampshade, so you can redecorate your home without needing to call on additional muscle.

Created by Micahel Siney, the Godfather and Godmother Clocks aren’t freestanding.  Instead, they’ll need to be leaned against a wall, just like that Philips DesignLine TV you’ve been saving up for.  Consisting of a two legged frame with a clock board on top and a swinging pendulum under it, the time pieces should make for a stylish addition to any contemporary room.  The Godfather Clocks are the bigger of the pair, measuring 180 x 45 x 20 cm, while the Godmother Clocks measure 120 x 30 x 15 cm.

Design is very minimalist, with straight clean lines and none of the elaborate ornamentation that usually comes with traditional grandfather clocks.  Of course, you can dress them up yourself if you’re into personalizing — just make sure you don’t infect a perfectly beautiful piece of longcase clock with your lack of actual artistic vision (hey, there’s a reason you became an accountant, after all). All of the clocks have German movements.

The Godfather and Godmother Clocks are available from the designer’s Etsy shop, priced at £245 and £125, respectively.

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